Shannon Wright

Founder and Director

Backyard Jem was born after many years of Shannon reading, learning and wanting to improve the health and wellbeing of her family, the environment and helping to solve the health issues present in our society today.


Shannon’s passion is teaching and showing people how to have a harmonious integration of society and nature. She then followed this passion on to complete a permaculture design course with the Koanga Institute and a 4-day hands on workshop run by Curtis Stone from the Urban Farmer and Jodi Roebuck from Roebuck Farm. This helped her visualise her values and ethics to see Backyard Jem come to fruition.


Shannon and her family live on their 5 acre farm in the Waikato, where they live what they teach. They a have set up a working model of a profitable small scale market garden and a food forest using an established orchard. They also use chicken’s on their farm for their eggs, raise NZ white rabbits for meat to have a fully nutrient dense lifestyle through the produce they consume.


We wish to create a healthy productive and meaningful lifestyle for our family. We are aiming to be active community members by being able to provide healthy food responsibly grown for health and wellness of all. We are well on our way to becoming very good growers, in order to teach others how to do this. We want abundance and happiness in our daily lives. A farm that works for us and not the other way around. We hope our nutrient dense food lifestyle will have a positive impact for those around us through knowledge and empowerment on how to achieve this.


“The biggest lesson I learnt, is it is not that hard. You just need to be more aware and mindful with your actions and decisions. Start with small changes and keep adding to fit in with your life.” - Shannon Wright

Our hearts define
What our minds believe


Growing food consciously ensures everyone has
access to nutrient dense food.

We are what we eat,
when we choose nutrient dense food,
we choose to eat right, feel great,
achieve better health,
physically, mentally and emotionally.

We want to use our knowledge, experience and passion to empower society to know how to grow their own nutrient dense food,
right in their own backyard.

Create community through foods.

© 2017 Backyard Jem.