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Great box for couple or small family.

Sign up for 3 months (13 weeks), get 1 free basket and extra produce when in excess, newsletters, tips and more.

Pay by direct credit, and you can still get the benefits while paying weekly if you can not afford the upfront cost. If going on holiday, donate your box to someone in need if you have no made other arrangements.


At any time of year this will include carrots, salad mix, micro greens, spinach or kale, turnips or radishes.

Depending on the season and availability also beetroot, cucumber or zucchini, tomatoes or capscium or eggplant, plums or apples, broccoli, leek, fennel, onions, lemon or limes. 

PLEASE read our product and shipping information.

Basket - 3 months of Essential Nutrient Hit (13weeks)